Varu’s mission

The label name Varu is very personal and meaningful to us. It is the Cook Islands translation of the number “Eight” and which represents the “Eight” children our parents have together. Sonny, Teokotai, Ngamata, Kimi, Tutai, Richard, Stephanie, Tommy. 

Originally we were a Pacific inspired clothing line for women. As our journey continues we are so proud that our Cook Islands, Pacific culture still continues to inspire our Varu clothing line BUT with a little twist of modern. We are so happy that we now produce Varu clothing for men too. 

We thrive to produce a line of unique styles and a wide range of colours/ colour palettes to the point where there is no limits in Pacific fashion. Our amazing Varu clothing line is made for each individual to wear comfortably and confidently.

We are thrilled that our beautiful garments are produced in New Zealand, from supplies and resources to construction of all our garments. Although we are a small fashion label in the South Pacific, we aim to share our Varu clothing line with the world. 

Garment Care

To care for your Varu garment we recommend washing your garments inside out. Hand wash or use the hand wash cycle on your machine using cold water. Hang appropriately to dry in shade.

When hanging your Varu garments with spaghetti straps we suggest folding it over the center of the hanger rather than hanging the dress by the straps. 

Thank you Varu for completing our last minute order. Was so happy you pulled through for us with the material to match the men's set. It was everyones best dressed for event and definetly looked so good on us. Proud to wear Varu for our event 💜🌸💜
Esther Kimiora
My feedback on my Vee-Romper Order